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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Acceptance Ability in Aikido Training

If we want to observe our own behaviour while practising Aikido, we'll find out that when the Uke starts to attack we prepare ourselves to parry or move out from the attack.
That responses is usually happens and mostly happens to us. However, the parry we made often made conflict and we feel hurt when Parrying the Attack.
I just want to emphasize to the Spiritual or Mental Aspect which follows the response we made.
Have you ever think to accept the attack first rather than to parry it out of your body?? so we can avoid the conflict?
Have you ever think not to run away by moving out to the uke's blind spot?? but to accept him/her coming with welcoming smile?? and try to be part of him/her??
We usually Resist the Attack, we don't won't to be attacked. so, we resist every attack that comes to us.
Why don't we try to see the attack not as an attack?? Try to see the attack as something that given by nature, by universe, try to accept this, then if you don't want to, you can give it back, or you can extend it to the other place.
Assumed that the attacker try to give us a power, accept it first then quickly we decide to give it back or to project it to another place which maybe need the power.
Just like in a Trade, the attacker as a giver and we as receiver, not to take, it will be different. just receive, accept.
So, when the attack comes to you, try to receive it first and said in your heart, thank you, then you can give it back to the attacker or projecting the power to another place, also by saying 'Thank You'. it will stimulate your ability of relax and extending ki.
You can try in Zagi Waza Kokyu Ho technique or Ryote Tori Tenci Nage
Try not to resist, try not to struggle against the attack. Establish the acceptance ability in yourself, Your Heart, Your Mind. and find out how Amazing it can be.

Hopefully useful,
Aikido Indonesia Bandung Sceptic

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Salt and Lake

This Story was taken from a mailing list on Feb, 06, 2003 and I still Keep it.
For me, this story is impressive, very useful in Daily Life, especially in Aikido.
This concerned with 'Acceptance ability' and 'Thanksful-attitude'' and some others aspect which I plan to describe some other time later.
Have a nice reading, understanding and applying... :)

Salt and Lake

Once upon a time, there was an wise old man. At one of the morning come a young man whose in many problems.
His walking so weak with a sour face. The young man seemed to be unhappy man. He told all of his problems. The wise old man listened carefully.
He took a small portion of salt and a glass of water. He put the salt in it and stirred it slowly.
"Please drink this, and tell me how its taste," said the old man.
"Salty, very salty!" said the young man and spit to the side.
The Old man smiled when he heard the answer. Then he ask the young man to go with him to the lake nearby..

There, at the side of the Lake, the old man pour a handful of salt to the lake. By a piece of wood he stirred it.
" Please, take a cup of water from this lake, and drink it...."
When the young man drink the water, He asked "How its taste?"
"Fresh!" said the young man. "Do you taste the salt in that water?" Asked the old man
"No!' said the young man.

Gently, the old man put his hand on the shoulder of the young man..
"Young man, listen, The bitter of the life is just like that salt, no more no less.
The numbers of the salt i poured in it is same, but the taste of the water was completely different, and so the bitter of this life and failures depend on the place we have.
The bitter of the life will based on our feelings that we put everything in it.
All of that will depend on our hearts.

So, when you feel some bitterness and failures in your life, there is only one thing you can do.

"Wide your heart to accept all of it."
"Wide your heart to accept every bitterness."

He continued,
" Your heart is the place, Your feeling is the place. Your soul is the place you accept all of it."
"So, don't treat your heart as a glass or cup. Make your heart as a lake which can absorb every bitter thing and change it become freshness and happiness."

Hopefully useful,

Aikido Indonesia Bandung Sceptic
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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rational Aikido, No Need Special Breathing?

By the interesting info issued by PADI (Aikiwago), I remembered my own experience...
I agree with the description contained in the article.
"The Most Important in Aikido Training is 'Niat' (Intention/will), No need special breathing...

From my own experience of Aikido practice since 1994 until now, I hear there is a lack of healthy competition between 'Aikido institutions', I hope now is not anymore...

I do not know what that actually make it happen, just feels ironic, when Aikido hints of love, and become one with the universal, but a scar that occurred not reflected these principles.
Perhaps there are readers who are also experienced when there is a sensei who blame the methods or techniques of other sensei with a variety of reasons, but they can not point the right, as their techniques are not right either, not applicable (effective), how does this... ?

There also interesting, when I heard the news/rumours that many practitioners of Aikido (the funny thing is that there are Yudansha(black belts) degree) searched for 'Ki' in the non-Aikido institutions, train special breathing or what???
Weird, the Aikido is certainly concerning and contain 'Ki'... How does this..?

Then, according to the information, there is a practice in Aikido Dojo only as a 'theatrical or fake'.. How this..? Martial arts only playwright? What if something happens outside the Dojo? Please do not theatrical folks...! Self pity, pity on public...

As to my sensei, Atsushi Yamada Sensei, he does not mind if we, the students do the test to the effectiveness of his techniques... from the simple grip to any attacks as difficult as we can...
And He attempt to provide rational explanation.
I continue to follow its development, such as my usual practice to the many junior(Kohai) and I 'can'... So I proud and I even feel like a crackerjack... It's shame if i remember that... :)
However, when faced with senior (Sempay) why it is often not effective? not applicable?
and the more shameful if there are new members with large and firm body, I stuck... O,Ow... I ashamed...
Then I try to discuss with the sempay also sensei and found some tricks to solve the problems, so eventually the techniques i use often contain certain tricks...

I do not satisfy with it, it's like ' self lying'. I remember what was O sensei Morihei Ueshiba said " No secret-technique in Aikido"
How far tricks can be successful? Tricks are often limited in their use, may even turn into danger...

The most common trick i used is 'Thumbs attacked' (i call it so..) Where the attack shaped grip, i always attack to the direction of Uke's thumb, so the power oh Uke's grip weakened. It s quite effective, until i held by someone with Large and strong hands, and locked. I cannot move with such conditions..

Given this, I am grateful my body's condition is small and light, so those obstacles can trigger me to always improve my skill...

I am very bothered with this conditions, confused and stress. Atsushi Yamada Sensei is not there and no longer care about UAC, he was open institution in Jl. Setiabudi named Institut Aikido Indonesia-Japan. Seniors not active as tied to job. Occasionally i still communicate with Budiana (Roges). The only left is the new people that hope will having knowledges from me... God help me..!! I feel alone...

I always convey to the members of UAC in Unisba-Indonesia, that I just 3rd Kyu, Unisba Dojo have no affiliation, and I/we do not have the right to hold the test to the increase in the level (in belts). So there is no belt ranking in UAC. (in 2008, is affiliated to Pengda Jabar and there is increased level test, alhamdulillah) ( in around 2006-2007 i was offered by my friend (Mr. Iyan) to teach Aikido at Jl. Malabar, i rejected it with the above reasons, I only 3rd kyu, The Dojo is The Public Dojo and require trainers that competent and bonafide, Certified. The dojo now running, named SOSA MALABAR))

As i keep practicing... I did not realize that my techniques are changed...
That's because I pray to God, beside the efforts i always done.
I do not attack the thumbs of Uke anymore. I go back to the basic concept. Niat(Intention/will), Sensing, Blending and Leading. Always keep Normal Breathing, no need special breathing...

Since 2000, i began developing my skills and teach all that i know to anyone who would like to learn. And try not to act with any pretext.. If I can't, just admit. I can not...

The funny is other 'institutions' still judge my techniques as wrong, i don't care....

I still remember around 2001, my student Ahmad Fananny, tell his friends about my ability, there is his friend didn't believe his story and want to test. So he came to Unisba, my surprise! his posture is BIG and Firm and large! His name is Ibnu.
Hmmmm, The time to test my ability and find the truth...
Alhamdulillah, i showed how successful escape from the various attacks that he do (generally grabbing, Tori-tori or to hug from behind). Too bad it was not documented..
According to the news the next day, Ibnu was hard to wake up from bed.... he was exhausted.... hhihihihi...

Just Relax, Align intention/will, clean hearted and consistent.... and ACTION!

To Increase my confident, I asked Agus Hermawan (now at Cirebon) although Kohai I often powerless if he held me, I test my techniques, especially 'Morotedori Kokyu nage, ushiro" and... "It works..!!" How glad i am...
Then I try with other big one named Rommy, and Sempai Budiana, and "It Really works..!!"

Well, I only tell my experience, sharing, not for other things and thinking and bad intentions...
Let my status remain 3rd Kyu, It's Okay for me, Knowledges still can be achieved from whatever kyu...

Please feel free to share experiences here.. :)

Hopefully useful,
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